Efficiently Lowering the Bar

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Communication Technology: Efficiently Lowering the Bar Jason P. Hagle BUS 600 Management Communications with Technology Tools Instructor: Neil Mathur March 11, 2013 Communication technology in large organizations has significantly changed day-to-day operations over the past 10 years. General Electric (GE) is an infrastructure and financial services corporation. Its segments include: Power and Water; Oil and Gas; Energy Management; Home and Business Solutions; and GE Capital, which provides a range of financial services and products (mergentonline.com, 2013). Since the invention of Edison’s light bulb, technology and innovation has been at the heart of everything GE does. Email, conference calls, video conferencing, and…show more content…
Managers used to spend a considerable amount of time engaging in activities such as holding formal and informal meetings, conversing in the hallways, and socializing over lunch (Mintzberg, 1973; Baack, 2012, sec 1.3). With employees on the same team spread out across several states there is little opportunity to engage in activities such as informal meetings and lunches. The job of a manager used to require proficiency and intuitiveness when interacting with subordinates. It has evolved to a position requiring a much more strategic approach to building camaraderie and gathering information. No longer is it enough to simply be present and attentive, managers must create new venues for interaction and collaboration among work teams. A meeting where the entire team is physically present happens very rarely in organizations such as GE, possibly only one or two times a year. This lack of frequency requires more methodical planning and will typically include a team building activity designed to encourage collaboration among team members. For instance, GE has an annual sales meeting where all sales people across the various businesses are present. In an attempt to encourage networking and collaboration, each person updated their LinkedIn profile before the meeting. A QR code linking to the individual profile on the back of the name badge made it possible for other employees to simply scan the code and connect with the person immediately. There are
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