Efforts to Fight Cyber Bullying

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Mice in the bubonic plague cause the extinction of vast populations, the mouse now has a new definition and it has connected human being in ways that we still can not being to understand. At the same time the modern day mouse also has been use applied in ways that mimic its treacherous definitional predecessors. The click of a mouse has cause youthful individuals to commit suicide and live lifestyles that are indulged in depression. Cyber bullying is a fairly new type of violence and this is why it is so hard to counter. One of the most prominent forms of counter-cyber bullying that the United States implements is through legislations, which have resulted in mixed results. Psychologist and Sociologist agree that the negative reinforcement approach doesn’t really teach the adolescents the affects that it has on the victims and why it is wrong (Kanazawa). The new legislation actually has caused the young individuals to use more cunning methods in trying to hurt people; like using anonymous chartrooms (Bullying Statistics). The more systematic approach is actually showing the kids the problem behind bullying, so that they can use these technological mediums for good instead for action with violent intentions. Cyber bullying is a very serious issue in the world we live in; we live in an era where space and time have become illusion in the face of technological advances we are now experiencing. Cyber bullying is a broad umbrella term for verbal or digital violation of a
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