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A. Culture and Diversity Culture is defined as our way of life, everything that is shared, passed on or transmitted from one generation to the next. Diversity is defined as a state of unlikeness, the condition of being different or a variety or range of different things. Everybody is diverse.
B. Identify four aspects of diversity that have influenced your personal identity. Religion, gender, social status, personality 1a.) Social Status: One observable characteristic is appearance. Growing up, my family was lower middle class in a predominantly upper class town. Although we were always clean, our clothes were often ill-fitting, or third generation hand me downs. This led to a lot of
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They are said to be more promiscuous, into partying, etc. Even now, as an adult, when I mention my background, the stereotypical perception remains. This is true about all religions, people have certain perceptions, whether correct or incorrect. C. Describe a personal experience with a person or group of people from a different culture or diversity framework I had a serious relationship in my late 20's with a Filipino man, Reich. He had come to America about 6 years before I met him. He worked as a physical therapist at the nursing home where I worked as a nurse. We hit it off pretty quickly, focusing on the things we had in common; a love of music, our professional careers, a shared sense of humor and ignoring the plentiful differences between us. I had never dated outside my race, and the resistance to accept Reich within my family was apparent and immediately. My father never did accept Reich as my boyfriend, making it very difficult to be truly happy in my relationship with him. The differences between our cultures eventually lead to our demise, I refused to be submissive and obedient like he expected me to be, and I could never fully embrace the social importance he placed on material items. This experience, however, opened my eyes to a culture I would have never known. I experienced many Filipino traditions and customs, I learned a lot about myself as person, Reich forced me to see beyond the background I

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