Egalitarian Companies Are More Innovative Essay

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Discuss the pros and cons of the following statement: “Egalitarian companies are more innovative.” An egalitarian company exists with equal human rights for all employees, regardless of social economic income, race, origin, gender, religious or political beliefs. Most people view egalitarian as fair as it creates a friendly working egalitarian work environment doesn’t depend on job descriptions and traditional management roles. This allows employees to function as a more inclusive work promoted shared responsibilities among workers and promotes team work. An egalitarian work environment doesn’t depend on job description and traditional management roles to define employees and structure workforce. This allows…show more content…
Making this happen is never easy, but it can’t be done at all without leaders who have the authority to break the ties between groups and individuals who have different visions of what should be done. There is no better way to do this than through traditional hierarchy. Along with that, it may not be cost, time or quality abiding to let everyone roam free without direction. The right blend and balance for any one particular organization will depend on the pace of change in the industry, the capabilities of the employees, and the resources available to take action. The need for leadership will always exist. There will always be a need for visionaries, people who can influence others, and people who can execute. Cons. While hierarchies were the favored form of organizing in the past, they should not be the key design in business. Hierarchies, characterized by tight controls, centralized decision-making, and clear-cut job descriptions, often alienate employees and promote an individualistic work mentality. Traditional management systems are increasingly a vanishing breed, no longer valuable or relevant in today’s increasingly human-capital-centric workplace. The lack of job descriptions, flatter organizations, and flexible approach would likely fit better for organizational environments that are new, immature, or very rapidly evolving. With a lightning fast pace of change, constraining job

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