Egalitarianism In Workplace

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Our society upholds the notion of egalitarianism. However, there are few aspects of our society that causes this notion to be flawed. For instance, the workplace is a setting where the egalitarian notion isn’t apparent. Despite the fact that our society upholds an egalitarian idealism, there are still barriers that exists in the workplace for women. To this, these barriers restrict women from maintaining a leading role in the workforce. Stereotypically, women in our society are expected to bear children and to maintain a role as a caregiver. Due to stereotypical roles and views of women, women are consequently being discriminated and restricted from opportunities in the workplace. Behind the workplace, gender bias is clearly apparent. When looking at applicants for a job, men are usually hired over the women because men maintain more physical abilities than women. Thus, women are hardly ever chosen for a job due to the stereotypical views of women possessing physical incapabilities. “A workplace may use equipment designed with the heights and weights of men in mind, since the work traditionally has been “men’s work” (Bartlett 2). Because women are stereotypically viewed as weak individuals who don’t exhibit the capability of having a job, it is believed that a woman's place is in the home. Moreover, women are seen as individuals that need to be protected by men. Thus, women aren’t usually hired for laborious work and remain at home. To this, men are stereotypically the
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