Egans Theory

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This is a 3-stage model or framework offered by Egan as useful in helping people solve problems and develop opportunities. The goals of using the model are to help people 'to manage their problems in living more effectively and develop unused opportunities more fully', and to 'help people become better at helping themselves in their everyday lives.' (Egan G., 'The Skilled Helper', 1998, p7-8). Thus there is an emphasis on empowerment. Also the person s own agenda is central, and the model seeks to move the person towards action leading to outcomes which they choose and value.
This model is not based on a particular theory of personality development, nor on a theory of the ways difficulties develop. It is a framework for conceptualising
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"I'd never thought about how it might feel from my colleague's point of view." * Skills: Challenging; different perspectives, patterns and connections, shoulds and oughts, negative self-talk, blind spots (discrepancies, distortions, incomplete awareness, things implied, what's not said), ownership, specifics, strengths. * Useful Questions: * How do others see it/you? * Is there anything you've overlooked? * What does he/she think/feel? * What would s/he say about all this? * What about all of this is a problem for you? * Any other way of looking at it?
1c -Focussing and moving forward
People often feel stuck; that is why they want to talk. In this stage, the helper seeks to move the speaker from stuckness to hope by helping Them choose an area that they have the energy to move forward on, that would make a difference and benefit them. "I see now the key place to get started is my relationship with K" * Skills: Facilitating focussing and prioritising an area to work on. * Useful Questions: * What in all of this is the most important? * What would be best to work on now? * What would make the most difference? * What is manageable?
Stage 1 can be 5 minutes or 5 years; it may be all someone needs.
Stage 2 - What
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