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* ------------------------------------------------- Top of Form * Three energy conversion processes take place in succession. The first has an efficiency of 51%, the second is 50% efficient, and the third 10%. What is the efficiency of the entire process? .0255 * Which of the following is true? Energy is created when a fuel is burned * Energy demand is a/an exponential function * In the process of mining coal, the useful energy output is in the form of chemical energy. * The potential energy stored in the bonds that hold molecules together is called chemical energy. * In a light bulb, the non-useful, waste energy output is in the form of Thermal/heat energy. * What is the function of a generator in a power plant?…show more content…
Regions with high temps * Which of the following is not an advantage of using Natural Gas for space heating? Safe to use * What is the unit used to measure the amount of cooling needed in summer time? CDD * Which is the largest portion of energy consumed by homes? Space heating * Which component of a refrigerator lowers the temperature of the refrigerant? Expansion Valve * Where do you think would the heating degree days would be the highest? North Pole * Which one of the following fuels finds maximum usage in transportation in the US? Gasoline * What does R-Value indicate? Resistance to heat transfer * In the US, most of the electricity is generated from Coal * What do industries use to generate steam and hot water? All, boiler fuel, process heat, electricity * What is the best way to cut home heating or cooling bills? Add insulation * Which sector is the largest consumer of energy? Industry and Manufacturing * What form of energy output accounts for the inefficiency of incandescent lights? Heat * What happens to the r-value of the insulation if the thickness increases? Increases * What fraction of home energy is used for lighting in the US? 1/4 * Which of the following temperature gradients is responsible for geothermal energy? Center of earth-surface Which primary energy source contributes the most to home heating requirements? Natural gas * Which of the following is an

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