Egels : The Contradiction Of Engel Capitalism

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The second essay
Engel Capitalisms it is now quite commonly used to describe the social system that ever existed. which now successful lead in all countries around the global under one system. The connection between the capitalist mode of production (internal) and mode exchange has good partnership inspiration on the existing social odder. Since there is contradiction, it doesn’t make any recognition the economic control in the system. In this paper, I will be exploring the establish what Engels mean by historical materialism, fundamental contradiction in capitalism, and the contradiction that arise from the fundamental contradiction. First of all, the “Theoretical”, Engels argues that, the concept of historical materialism
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furthermore, the constant progress behind perfecting the machinery in large scale industries means; displacement of larger and larger numbers of the machine workers, and eventually the creation of mass of available wage workers, exceeding the average requirement of capital for labor. This will result in creating a complete industrial reserve army(Engel,p.100).

The second contradiction to arise from the fundamental contradiction is “The mode of production rebels against the mode of exchange; the productive force rebel against the mode of production, which they have outgrown” (Engels, p.102). in this quote, Engels explain how the social organization of production within factories has developed to a point at which it has become compatible with the lawlessness of production in society( Engels,p.102). In fact, the mechanism of the mode of production would break down due to the pressure of its own productive force. As the mode of the production exploit human labor its fallout leads to workers remaining wage earns. The solution to the mode of production rebelling against the mode if change,exists in recognizing the practice of bringing the mode of production,appropriation and exchange into unity with the social character of means of production(Engels,p.103). Consequently, if the mode of production is at conflict with the mode of exchange then system does not work because the two concepts are interconnected meaning one cannot exist without
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