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Egg shell as face powder (related literature)
Eggshells are composed of around 95% calcium carbonate, a mineral that is very important for industry, nutrition and agriculture. There are many studies trying to find new ways to utilize this resource and their natural absorbent properties, as in treating cadmium in wastewater.

So, never toss out those egg shells. They’re not garbage, but can be very useful around the house and yard. They also help to save you money by replacing many expensive, toxic chemical products you might have normally used otherwise.

Most good quality eggshells from commercial layers contain approximately 2.2 grams of calcium in the form of calcium carbonate. About 95% of the dry eggshell is calcium carbonate weighing
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Not all diseases affecting chickens cause a decline in eggshell quality. However, egg production will usually decline. An example of a disease that can affect the numbers of eggs and not necessarily the quality is infectious laryngotracheitis. Other common viral diseases, such as egg drop syndrome (EDS), avian influenza (AI), Newcastle disease (ND) and infectious bronchitis (IB), may produce severe effects on eggshell and internal quality. Many times the total number of eggs is not influenced, even though the egg records indicate a drop in total collectable eggs. This is due to the increase in non-collectable eggs (shell-less or ultra-thin shells) that are lost under the cages. This is a common occurrence with EDS. It has been established that the EDS virus affects only the shell gland, but with ND and IB every portion of the reproductive tract can be affected.

If one disease had to be singled out as being responsible for the majority of the economically significant production losses in egg layers, it would have to be infectious bronchitis. Infectious bronchitis virus, a coronavirus, has a preference for the mucus membranes of the respiratory and reproductive tracts. The kidney is also affected by certain IB virus strains. Not only is eggshell quality affected, but internal quality also declines. Watery whites are very common and can persist for long periods after egg production

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