Egg Shells : Ain 't Nobody Here But Us Chickens !

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Egg Shells: “Ain’t nobody here, but us Chickens!” Julius Cecilia Life Science/ Period 3 Mrs. Shaw January 16, 2015 Abstract Egg Shells: “Ain’t nobody here but us chickens!” There’s a variation of diverse eggs that animals lay across the world. From tiny insects to silky fish eggs, you might think that all eggs have equivalent sizes and look identical. Actually, they aren’t because of the type of biomes or locations the animals live in. In other words, fishes live in oceans. They lay an assortment of styles and shapes of eggs. Scientists have noticed that a few insects have skin-like coverings, and others have hard, solid eggshells. They also recorded that elastic, smoother shells mostly contain protein in it, and it feels fibrous or a little bit like liquid which makes it soft. Since eggs are all different from each other, they all have a unique or particular design. The designs are actually placed on the eggshell which is the exterior, outer covering of a bird’s egg. Even with a protective and vigilant covering for the egg, it can still dissolve. One example is the Bird Eggshells, which contain calcium carbonate and could dissolve into many acids, such as the vinegar used in cooking. When it is dissolving, the particles inside it revert with its own acid to form carbon dioxide. (Britannica, 2012) Insect Eggs The manner in which growth and expansion is completed, is an exclusively important characteristic of insects. Scientists experienced a

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