Eggs Are A Popular Choice

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Eggs are a popular choice in countries all around the world as they are low in cost and have no restrictions within religious beliefs (Miranda, Xaquin, Redondo-Valbuena, Roca-Saavedra, Rodriguez, Lamas, & Cepeda 2015). A hen starts laying eggs at around eighteen to twenty-two weeks old, depending on the breed of chicken and the time of the year (Jacob, Wilson, Miles, Butcher, and Mather 2015). At twelve months, old the hens egg laying count declines and they are considered spent leading the hen to get slaughtered. A hen will lay around three hundred eggs a year depending on environment it is being raised in. Most people who go into an grocery store are not aware about what the different types of eggs mean therefore they don’t know what they are truly buying and consuming. As a carton of eggs has a nutrition chart on it, it does not show or describe the living conditions that the hen is being housed in. I have obtained appropriate information regarding eggs and how they are produced to help consumers make informed choices. The choices to take into factor are; the type of egg, nutrition, diseases, cost in stores, and production cost.

Different types of eggs
There are five main egg types that are carried in most grocery stores. These types are based on what environment the hen is being kept in and what type of fed they are being given. The main environments in which a hen is being kept is in battery cages, free run, and free range housing systems. Battery cages or other known
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