Ego Development

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The stages of ego development according to Jane Loevinger is implicated to be ways to understanding, comprehending, and organizing of a person’s life experiences (McAdams, 2006). Through the different stages of ego will help to gain understanding into the personality of individuals in how each person is different in stages of their life by measuring by sentence completions test. The first stage of the ego development is considered to be invalid because the test guide lines of Jane Loevinger’s test is based on the subjects ability to talk and read, the test is a verbal sentence test; henceforth infants cannot verbally reply to the test. The second stage is the impulsive stage which is in early childhood, were the child acts impulsively in…show more content…
The manifestations of conscientious-conformist are the expectations and allowable, helpful, becoming self-aware of becoming increasingly aware of feelings, problems, and in adjusting to becoming their own person. The sixth stage of ego development is conscientious, which is the development of an inner personal set of standards, ideas, and goals. The conscientious stage is when an individual has moved away from conventional or expected standards to their own development of personal standards which could manifest in ways of self-evaluated standards, self-critical in intense responsibility and to be responsible in motives, traits, and in achievements (McAdams, 2006, p. 371) in one’s own life. According to Jane Loevinger the conscientious stage is the one which few people can move beyond in the developmental stages of ego based on the different circumstances which interferers with them having the full potential of oneself (McAdams, 2006). The seventh stage if individualistic is the enormous amount of tolerance of the individuality of people and the awareness of conflict happening between individuality and emotional dependency. The form of possible manifestations of individualistic stage is increased capability to tolerate self- contradictory (McAdams, 2006). In Loevinger’s eighth stage of ego development is autonomous, the stage which is coping with conflicts within the individualistic stage adequately. The individual
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