Egocentric Beliefs

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At age of 15 Leslie attends 10th grade in High School. Her high school is integrated of different ethnicities; majority white followed by black and latino. The level of bullying is not high but as common as other high schools. She challenges herself by taking rigorous courses such as AP Human Geography she also participates in the JROTC program.

As any other egocentric adolescent she begins her day with question “what am I going to wear”? and if others will like or if it's a “cool outfit?” As she tries on several outfits in front of a mirror. The time spent in front of mirror is an important part of the day as she discovered her flaws and beauty. It's in front of the mirror where she images the reaction of others to appearance or “new pimple on her cheek”. It is the adolescent egocentric belief that leads to the creation of an imaginary audience (Berger 2016). While her egocentric beliefs take up major of the morning route, the observation of her morning routine demonstrated some signs of psychosocial maturation development were observed. As she set her own alarm to wake up in the morning to have enough time to set up here uniform and hair supplies needed for a uniform day in JROTC.

A line of cut out pictures of famous people, place to travel and random song lyrics decorate her room. Some of the pictures are images of goals she has set. Every morning she wakes up to look at her goals, hanging in those pictures on the wall. Leslie as a 15 year old centers her life in
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