Egotism Mean To Me

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Concerning the discussion of ethics that have resulted in the many schools of reasoning from Egotism to Consequentialism, to the idea of the golden mean to me are simply the efforts of a logical species to stop a descent into nihilism in a world that in truth does not work off of a system of morality. Arguably the reason that we as humans focus so much on the concept is simply because if the average person did not have a guiding system of morals society would not be able to exist, and that society is the best way for our species to propagate, and as such those who have morality are more likely to have descendants who they themselves are more likely to have morality, and so on. Even babies and monkeys have a common idea of pack morality in…show more content…
I personally believe that the greatest benefit to me, i.e the action that will do the most good for me without harming me in some way at some later point, will be the best action for me to take. However I do not do this often. For example, from my view of morality I would not have said the last sentence for fear of the short term benefit of me gaining some happiness from explaining my thought process immediately being overshadowed by the chance of being ostracized by those who read this due to them considering me selfish and therefore my position in society lowering, or simply receiving a lower grade due to the grader disagreeing with my conclusion, which has happened before in the past. Personally I do not know why I decided to write this despite what I know to be the better option. Perhaps I’m gambling on the idea that honesty will result in a higher social position and cancel out the consequence, or perhaps I’m acting on the nihilistic view that it doesn’t really matter in the long run and it’s better to just air my grievances and thoughts than to lie in order to conserve social standing, perhaps it is simply in my nature. Most likely the latter. People usually have this internal struggle when doing things, be it consciously or subconsciously and all of their actions are determined by a complex weighting scale of what is and isn’t important to them, the balance of said scale determining their actions. I find it interesting that this internal struggle happens almost entirely without constant input in most cases. Meaning that odds are morality evolved before constant thought. Which is funny
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