Egypt And Inca Comparative Essay

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Egypt and Inca Comparative Essay Ancient civilizations offer historical insights into the past that uncover mysteries unbeknownst to many and the discoveries, are fascinating to say the least. Two states in particular that peaked my interest were Egypt and the Inca Empire. Egypt offers insight to a civilization beginning in the predynastic period through periods of integration and into periods of collapse, roughly 4500 B.C. to 712 B.C. The Inca Empire occurred much later, during the 15th century. Regardless, both civilizations were innovated by their own fashion and both contributed to impacting future civilizations. The Inca Empire was known as Tawantinsuyu, “The Four Parts Together” and thrived for over a century, binding together a far-reaching domain under the royal Inca residing in the capital city of Cuzco (Chazan 2014:382). This vast multiethnic region spanned from Ecuador to northern Chile, encompassing heterogeneous regions of the pacific coast dry desert, intermountain valley and tropical lowlands of the Amazon. The population is estimated to have been over 12 million during the empires rule. Large cities, an extensive and sophisticated road network, a record keeping system known as Khipu and a multi-level hierarchy were all attributes of the Inca empire. The Inca Empire was heavily rooted and influenced by the Wari civilization in reference to the road and agricultural system. The Inca took this technology, up- scaling it and building on their knowledge. The…
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