Egypt And Indonesi Similarities And Differences

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Egypt and Indonesia Introduction: Egypt and Indonesia are two cultures that differ immensely when it comes to Family. Family is a major factor that has a great influence on how both cultures live and how they view others. Egypt and Indonesia have both similarities and differences that contribute to the aspect of Family. Families influence the decisions of individuals,the choices they make and how they choose to act. Concepts such as Gender and Power play a paramount role in how Family affects the chosen cultures. It has been discussed by many archaeologists and such that Egypt had originated around 3000 BC. Egypt is located in North Africa bordering on the Mediterranean Sea to the North with Libya, Sudan and Israel as neighbouring countries. Egypt has had a complex but stable culture that was later altered and affected by Western and nearby countries. Egypt is known for the religious festivals held there and the etiquettes and customs of Egyptians. Nepotism is present with people making it apparent that they are more wealthy or that they are prosperous. The culture of Egypt is mostly westernised as Western countries seem to have the biggest impact on all cultures. It used to only be influenced by neighbouring countries by soon started becoming westernised as it grew as a country and a nation. Indonesia however originated in 2500B.C. Indonesia is a group of islands that stretch along the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Indonesia’s culture is intertwined with past

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