Egypt And Mesopotamia Compare And Contrast

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“The plains flood when the river rises, and is blessed with the riches that brings people merriment.” ( Egypt Mesopotamia Comparison Essay, page 1). For the majority Mesopotamia and Egypt were both agricultural civilizations. Due to the geographical features, life from these two civilization were crucially rely on their rivers. However, the Nile were far more significant to the Egyptians than the Tigris and Euphrates do to Mesopotamia. Although they all shared the same demandings but they were exceptional different from each other in many ways. Egyptian and Mesopotamian economy, agriculture, geography, political societies, culture, and religion varies in more ways than one may realize. In contrast of Egyptian and Mesopotamian geography, they’re…show more content…
Because Mesopotamia was constantly endeavored to take control of the land, it was a land of multiple empires and kingdoms, there were many forms of political standpoints, and this diversity of political views caused the desire to control and to seek out colonies, mostly the neighboring kingdoms. Back in Egypt, they had upper Egypt and lower Egypt, but they were later on united with one another during the time of pharaoh Menes and rather stay upside down due to the Nile river’s flow. At the time, Egypt was ruled by pharaohs; powerful kings and rulers of the land that were said to only be chosen by gods then sent to Earth in human form to control and govern the people. Though Egypt and Mesopotamia had similar aspects about their social understanding, they were both constructed of different social classes for a patriarchal society; whereas the males were authoritative over the women and would have the dominant to control over their…show more content…
Although, they could also be identical in many ways and comparisons. No matter where they are, the kingdoms of the ancient world were all in comparison and contrasting, providing a sociable network to what make each kingdom and society unique. Despite the fact that they were all human beings living on the same planet, but the influence diversity of cultural and geographical aspects set them apart from each
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