Egypt And Mesopotamia Comparison Essay

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Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia were two of the greatest civilizations in human history. Both had enormous cultural and scientific advances that will always have an impact on our way of life. Although different in many ways, ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia kept many key similarities. Understand the comparison between these two civilizations highlights the origins of the origins of our most basic social, political and cultural systems.
Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia developed around the same time, between 5000 and 6000 BC. It was an especially important period for humanity. At this point, most humans were nomadic pastoralists, moving from one place to another using the benefits of pets, but not agriculture.
Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia shared a similar key in its geography, access to a major source of fresh water. Egypt was the Nile and Mesopotamia, was the Tigris and Euphrates, an area commonly referred to as the
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Often the difference between gods and rules was very thin. The sacrifices were made frequently, especially in light of natural disasters. Although their gods were different, most beliefs were similar, including vision of life after death.
Mesopotamia and Egypt developed advanced systems of writing, starting with simple pictographs and move to advanced letters. Mesopotamian writing began as a wedge-shaped characters, a system that is called cuneiform. Egypt originally used hieroglyphics.
Although Mesopotamia began as a combination of city-states, both civilizations had a kind of monarchy. Egypt had a Pharaoh, a position that was inherited from father to son, establishing long-lasting dynasties. Mesopotamia had a king, but instead of working with the family legacy, the king was overthrown by regularly invading forces due to poor defensive position in the area. Both systems led to the creation of strict social classes commonly included a class of priests, businessmen, farmers and
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