Egypt Complex Civilization

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Ancient Egypt was a complex civilization because it had all of the important society indicators. In the earlier years the Egyptians spent most of their time as being hunters and gathers. Then once they settled by the Nile River, they started farming. Once even more people settled in, the population continued to grow. This is how Egypt became a complex civilization and the seven indicators became a big part of Egypt.

One way Ancient Egypt was a complex civilization is by having methods of keeping records. The ancient Egyptians used a writing called hieroglyphs for this indicator. Ancient Egypt had a language called hieroglyphs that they started using around 3100 B.C.E. Hieroglyphs was the important language that makes Egypt the place it is
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The ancient Egyptians had many people that had different jobs. This lead to specialized skills and jobs. The building projects were needed for precise workers that have a lot of skill. Ancient Egypt had many important people that had many special jobs. For building the pyramids specialized workers had to help. This way the job would be better, more precise, and faster. The Egyptians covered in hieroglyphics, paintings, and carved stone images. The most popular amulet in Ancient Egypt is called the Scarab Beetle. This was viewed as a symbol of a new life of resurrection. According to SIRS Discover, “The Egyptians thought the amulet had magical powers.” The egyptians believed that the rising sun symbolizes renewal of life. The ancient Egyptians also thought that the sun-god created himself. The sun-god was represented as a falcon. The Egyptians thought their art wasn’t only attractive, but it has a purpose. Craftsmen and artists had the same kind of gift. The drawings that artists did were usually on papyrus. When artists painted people, humor was never used because they wanted it to be professional. Since the Egyptians are very unique, they sometimes drew things so that when you looked at them you had to tilt your head to the side. The Egyptians drew men with dark colors, and women with light colors. Most of the time craftsmen were not allowed to sign their name for credit. Lasty, it
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