Egypt Culture Vs American Culture

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People say that for a person to know where they are going, they have to know where they came from. To be culturally aware of people outside of your native land, you cannot only study the people’s present state, but you also have to study their past. Learning and understanding the similarities and differences of other cultures, not only makes us stronger as Americans, but it also makes the world stronger. This paper addresses Egypt’s history, present culture and customs, and explains their military capabilities. To begin with, Egypt has a rich history. “Egypt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and dates back to 3100 B.C.E. when the confederations known as Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt united, leading to the establishment of a…show more content…
Current Egyptian culture places high esteem on family over money and places the needs of the collective group, over the needs of an individual. Social standing within the community is highly dependent upon honor and reputation. Maintaining honor includes extending hospitality to guests and respecting elders. “The most important component of family honor depends on the reputation of its women.” (Egypt) Women that break this honor by having inappropriate relationships with men are subject to being killed by their fathers, brothers, or other relatives. These so named honor killings are illegal; however, sentences for those who kill women under such circumstances are generally…show more content…
By 1989, the ADF had an estimated 80,000 ground and air personnel, including 50,000 conscripts. The ADF included approximately 100 antiaircraft-gun battalions, 65 battalions of SA-2 SAMs, 60 battalions of SA-3 SAMs, 12 batteries of improved Hawk SAMs (I-Hawk), and one battery of Crotale missiles. Egypt positioned gun and missile sites along the Suez Canal, Cairo, and other major cities to protect their military installations and strategic civilian targets. The ADF integrated their national air-defense network (radars, missile batteries, air bases, and command centers) into an automated command and control system. In summary, Egypt is one of the world’s oldest civilizations dating back to 3100 B.C.E. with a well established history. Egypt consists of a rich, diverse, and conservative culture full of stringent customs. The Egyptian military provides safety and security for its citizens with a well orchestrated Air Defense
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