Egypt Historic Turnaround

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For the past recent years, Egypt has shown a historic turnaround. Moreover, the country went through many political crisis which has bad effects on the economy and increased its problem, all this, leaded to a huge effect on the global business environment in Egypt. During 1990 -1993, Egypt undertook an extensive policy improvement. Liberalization and subsidies on all farm inputs except cotton insect, control were removed.Rice policy reforms were introduced to the 1990 model to obtain the solution titled "Rice policy reform" or "Experiment 2". ((PRELIMINARY REPORT OF MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE GROUP IN: AGRICULTURAL SECTOR MODELING USING GAMS COURSE HELD AT MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE IN SEPTEMBER 24, 1995-MARCH 14, 1996)). in the past, even with the instability of the region in which Egypt is located, trade has still continued effectively, and, successfully. Egypt’s most important trading partners are the Spain, Italy, Greece, United States, Saudi Arabia, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Syria, China and Japan. Major categories of goods imported are flour, meat, and, wheat. Egypt is the main trading partner for the EU in the Southern Mediterranean region. The contract or the agreement in 2004 enhancedcircumstances for trade between the Egypt and EU. Since 2004, Egypt--EU bilateral trade has more than doubled and reached its highest level ever in 2012 (from €11.8 billion in 2004 to €23.9 billion in 2012). The EU is by tradition Egypt's most important trading partner, covering

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