Egypt : The Egyptian Civilization

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Assignment #2 When we talk about Egypt we think about pyramids. One of the most famous landmarks in Egypt are the pyramids. The pyramids are what makes Egypt today. However, Egypt was never like that today. This essay well talk about the development of Egyptian civilization by explaining the prehistory of Egypt and identifying three cultural developments or political events that were important to the rise of Egyptian civilization. Also, explaining what happened and why it was important or significant to the rise of Egypt. Egypt is known to be one of the longest lasted civilization in the world. It is located in the Nile Valley, in the north east of Africa. Its origins lay in several chiefdoms in Upper Egypt, at Abydos and Hierakonpolis. The Nile River was far the most significant aspect of Egypt because the flooding of the Nile shape Egyptian civilization tremendously. It also produced the first government to rule an entire nation. Egypt covered an entire country thousands of square miles and millions of inhabitants. The Pharaoh was the ruler of Egypt, both politically and religiously. The Pharaoh held the title “Lord of the Two Lands,” meaning he ruled all of Upper and Lower Egypt and “High Priest of Every Temple,” meaning that he represented all the gods in the world.When Egypt developed, it developed some characteristics that Mesopotamia developed. However, there was still some differences between each other. One of the major differences that Egypt and…
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