Egypt : The Land Of The Pharaohs

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Located in the northeastern corner of Africa sits “The Land of the Pharaohs,” the country of Egypt. Egypt is one of 53 independent countries in Africa and like most of them they have been influenced by outside colonization. Egypt’s location, being at the top of Africa, connecting directly to the Middle East, and being a boat ride across the Mediterranean Sea away from Europe provides them the natural gift of being a key part in intercontinental affairs. Egypt is also surrounded by water as it lies below the southeast edge of the Mediterranean Sea, has the Red Sea running the greater portion of the eastern coast, and within the country houses the Nile River and one of the most important international waterways, the Suez Canal.
Egypt is known for its natural resources, most importantly oil and natural gas, but they also have many other valuable minerals that they mine within their country. These valued resources are attractive to outsiders looking in and Britain saw its potential and colonized it in 1882. Egypt resisted the change and fought to keep Britain influence away, but they were too strong and the culture of Egypt as they knew it would not be the same. However, the Britain colonization would make easier and boost Egyptian trade for the Egyptian land owners.
Through connecting the three continents, Egypt has helped spread many cultures, languages, and religions throughout the World as most African countries have several ethnic groups unique to their region and

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