Egypt 's Press Freedom Issue And How The Government Is Responsible

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“Once a global beacon, the American press has suffered from scandal, unpopularity and government crackdowns”. In this paper, I will be explaining Egypt’s press freedom issue and how the government is responsible. Egypt is an Arab country located in the corner of North Africa, close to the Middle East. Egypt is a diverse country with many religions, mainly Islam and Christianity. Egyt has a population of over 82 million. Ever since the Arab Spring started in Egypt, attacks on press freedom increased immensely in numbers. Egypt arrests/attacks and prevents journalists from revealing information or criticizing the government, police, army, and leaders within the country. It is believed that Egypt has been practicing such acts in order to protect their government and regime, so it does not change into the hands of the actual Egyptian people. Egypt claims to be a democratic state yet they are restricting journalists from doing their job and arresting or torturing them. They are not only attacking journalists, but also regular citizens who post about the government in social media like Facebook and Twitter. More and more Egyptian journalists have been scrutinized and afraid of presenting information on the state because of the huge possibility of being thrown into prison. The Egyptian government does not want journalists or anyone to reveal information regarding them, so they do not get exposed. If more information is revealed against the government then Egyptian people will
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