Egyptian Art vs. Sumerian Art Essay

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When comparing two forms of artwork, it may be quite difficult to tell them apart. And when those artworks are thousands upon thousands of years old, it certainly does not help the issue. When looking at both Egyptian and Sumerian art, there is certainly a resemblance to some degree. Both are from before our time, and both express the beliefs and culture of their respective lineage. But if you delve deeper, you can certainly start to see a difference. Egyptian art is known widely for its hieroglyphics, while Sumerian art may be seen as focusing more on the naturalistic views on the human form. Both these cultures deserve the utmost respect, for their artwork to survive through the millenniums as they have, we can only give credit…show more content…
The Judgment of Hu-Nefer, shows Hu-Nefer being taken to get his heart weighed by the Feather of Truth (British Museum). If his heart is lighter than the feather, he is deemed worthy of seeing the God Osiris and thus presented before him and his ancestors. This artwork, and Egyptian culture for that matter, is based around the premise of the afterlife. Everything you do within this life will be judged when the time comes. Whether you are judged to move on to the afterlife, or be condemned for all eternity, is completely up to the gods themselves. The pyramids of Giza are perhaps even more well known than the Egyptian's hieroglyphics. These wondrous structures are thought to be based around the culture of the dead. A paragraph from Emmet John's The Pyramid Age describes these structures as such; “.. from the point of view of orthodox chronology, are the mastaba-tombs [pyramids] replaced. Similar to those used in Egypt.. they were a preferred type of funerary structure..” ( Emmet John 45). Mastaba's are flat roofed structures with sloping sides and are used as tombs within Ancient Egyptian. They were also the final resting place for most Egyptian people, and pyramids were used mainly for the wealthy or those that had some significance within the Egyptian culture. Pyramids are mastabas stacked onto one another, getting smaller as they reach the top. People have thought that the main reason for pyramids was simply

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