Egyptian Civilization And Greek Civilization

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The early human lived life by hunting, fishing and collecting wild plant, and their life was not organized. About 5000 years ago, a complex and organized way of life began in some part of the world. People live together in town, cities and others centers and started farming, industries, and also started writing, painting and other method of living. Later, there were specialize occupations emerged, complex religions took form and social diversion increased, and these changes lead to the birth of civilizations. There were many ancient civilizations in the world like, India civilization, Chinese civilization, Middle East civilization, Mesopotamian civilization, Egyptian civilization, Greek civilization, Roman civilization and others which greatly contributed to the development of the world history. Each civilization had their own way to follow culture, religions, public life, economic life, and others. Therefore, in this paper, I will describe how Indian civilization, Egyptian civilization and Greek Civilization made impacts in the way that we see today’s world and how these civilizations affected people’s life.
Indian civilization was one of the first civilization in world history. Indian civilization is staged in two steps: About 2600 BCE is known as Indus Civilization and about 1500 BCE is known as Vedic civilizations. Indus Civilization was peaceful civilization compared to other civilizations. All evidence shows that Indus civilization was grown under diverse society…
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