Egyptian Costumes 's Persian Taste Essay

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Egyptian Costumes in Persian Taste Tamer Fahim Tourism Guidance Department Fayoum University- Faculty of Tourism and Hotels Abstract Persians were considerably harder handed towards the Egyptians after their invasion during Twenty-seventh Dynasty than their conquering predecessors, they were certainly not as familiar with Egyptian art as were the Nubian, and it is interesting find Egyptian high officials adapting some Persian costumes such as headdress, jewelry and clothing (Persian Jacket), like Ptahhotep and others. It is so confused to see Egyptian artisans ignored the impact of Persian rule as much as possible in their artistic production and in the same time we find Egyptian people with Persian costumes. It is known that Egyptian tried hard to keep their traditional costumes with its remarkable features far from the Persian influences, but some of the Egyptian officials who worked as a collaborative for Persian ruler, appeared with the Egyptian costumes in Persian taste for different reasons, anyway these examples exposed for us a new style of costume which became a familiar during Twenty-seventh Dynasty as Persian chemise, this term became the stylistic criterion used by many scholars to ascribe objects to the Twenty-seventh Dynasty. On this basis the paper will review the development of some Egyptian costumes during Twenty-seventh Dynasty with Persian addition. In the paper author will focus on the costumes of Egyptian high officials (e.g. clothing- jewelry)

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