Egyptian Culture

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Any normal Egyptian had a regular low paying job such as a farmer. These farmers aren’t just farmers they also work for the pharaohs, which means they do whatever they tell them too. Working for the pharaohs was not a secure job, because there was very low pay and sometimes you did things out of your job description. Some of the things the pharaohs would call a worker to do was building roads, helping to make pyramids, and fighting in war. It was not common that common workers were called to war, but when they were they feared that they might die in strange land where no one can find their bodies. Masters of practical arts are people who can master arts such as brickmaking, pottery, glassmaking, tanning, weaving, and goldsmithing. Usually an overseer would assign a person their job. Carpenters were know as the most skilled. Even though the scribe was technically a working man they were in a separate class.Once a scribe is educated, they became part of the bureaucracy. The bureaucracy kept record and collected taxes for the pharaoh. Festivals in honor of god were very popular in Egypt. In honor of the gods and goddesses Egyptians would hold festivals. Gods would transport place to place so that they could see each other. One of the best annual celebrations honor the statue of the god…show more content…
The most exotic cosmetic used by Egyptian woman was eye-make up. At first they used it to protect their eyes from the sun, it is still used in the Near East. Green colors were made of malachite, grey are made of galena. Craftsmen make jewelry by gold making, plating, and gilding. The most common type of jewelry were the wide flexible necklaces that stretched from the neck to the chest. Tutankhamun's tomb has the most richest collection of jewelry. Even though his tomb is hid deep in the desert thieves still find a way to steal things. In conclusion, Jewelry and festivals were very important in the Egyptian
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