Essay on Egyptian Culture

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Culture in Egypt is rich and deep. Having one of the oldest cultures dating back to before the pharaohs; Egypt’s culture is well developed and distinctive. With a religious cultured background, Egypt is developing rapidly into a restructured culture, combining old with new. An overview shows a complex structured culture built on many influences. Humanity builds around culture and is a complex system that is difficult to define due to many factors. Webster dictionary defines culture as “the integrated pattern of human knowledge, belief, and behavior that depends upon the capacity for learning and transmitting knowledge to succeeding generations” (Web). A great many things can define a culture. Five of the major…show more content…
Egypt has become modern in contrast to nations around the country as a necessity to survive due to limited resources for food and certain supplies. Egypt has always been a complex country full of an extensive and profound culture spanning thousands of years. The general geography of Egypt is distinctive. A quick look physical natural features and civilian communications will assist partly in understanding Egypt and its development. Egypt consists of a large desert, fertile areas of land, and urbanized areas. The government, due to the limited fertile land, utilizes farming limitation and control. The windblown sand has reclaimed some of the fertilized land and required action to build a dam to regain some land back. Urbanization has taken over part of the fertilized land resulting in even less land to farm on. Because of pesticides and sewage, water pollution has become a problem. With concern of the ecological aspects of the country, the most important areas in Egypt are the fertile land around the Nile River, the dam, and along the Mediterranean coast as well as the oil fields found throughout the country. Egypt conducted a large upgrade to communications in the years following 1990. Three mobile-cellular networks are in place with millions of subscribers and the “largest fixed-line system in the region” (CIA) was established using coaxial cable and microwave radio relay. Egypt has private and state-run
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