Egyptian Flood in the Nile

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The events that comprise the Nile flood are the fact that the nile river helped develop Egypt. We can say that the Nile Flood was more of a savior to the Egyptians. Egyptian flood in the Nile: Rains in Africa, especially rains from the Ethiopian Highlands became crucial and by crucial I mean there was severe rainfall every year in Egypt. The levels of water were too high sometimes that Egyptians had to learn how to manage the water so that they can keep up with their crops. The Ancient Egyptians used an object called a nilometer to record how high the Nile was during the year. The nilometer was a staircase that proceeded down into the Nile with marks on it so the Egyptians knew how far the river rose. The nilometer helped the Egyptians manage the water with dams so the crops would receive the right amount of water. The three stages of the Egyptian flood cycle were Akhet, the time of the Nile flood, Peret, the sowing time, and Shemu, the time of harvest. .In todays society the flood season is celebrated by Egyptians as an annual holiday. Egyptians believes that the flood was a calling from the gods. They are praising the flood because not only did they believe is was from the gods but this cycle helped them avoid starvation. The flood was predictable to the Egyptians therefore they knew what had to be done so that everything was manageable with their crops n they would avoid too much water in the soil. The Peret season ran between June to mid October was crop season and
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