Egyptian Queen Cleopatra

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Egyptian Queen Cleopatra in all her glory will never be able to outgrow the reputation she carries because of her past relationships. What many people do not know is that all of her relationships were concentric to the goal she was trying to achieve. Although it would seem that the reason men were so attracted to her was because of her beauty, however this is false. Cleopatra’s beauty was not the hook that caught all of the men; it was her knowledge of the world and her maturity. Cleopatra was born in 69 b.c.e. in Alexandria, Egypt. She learned much in her younger years as the daughter to the Egyptian pharaoh, Ptolemy XII. She visited many libraries and museums as a child. In fact, these visits to the libraries and museums were the source…show more content…
Pompey had helped Cleopatra’s father, Ptolemy XII, get Egypt’s independence. As a result, Pompey created a relationship with the Egyptians that couldn’t be forgotten. Pompey sent his son to Cleopatra asking that they give him support in his war with Caesar. Upon his request, Cleopatra remembered his past relationship with Egypt and believed that Pompey and his men would be stronger than Caesar. Therefore, she helped him with men and supplies. In 46 b.c. Caesar defeated Pompey, and Cleopatra’s interest in power immediately switched to Caesar. (Worth…show more content…
He states that while Cleopatra and Ptolemy were in the disagreement over who was to be the ruler, she needed Caesars help to get her throne back. The only problem was she had been kicked out of her palace and that was exactly where Caesar was. The brave and clever young Cleopatra wrapped herself up into a carpet and, “Apollo Dorus tied up the bedding and carried it on his back through the gates to Caesars apartment.” This story shows she had determination, love for her kingdom, and that she was not all looks. (Worth
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