Egyptian Society vs. Mesopotamian Society Essay

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When comparing cultures it would be difficult to find two that are more diverse than the Mesopotamian and Egyptian cultures. The Mesopotamian culture was filled with tension and instability while the Egyptian people maintained a stable and somewhat more content way of life. In examining these two cultures one can surmise that these differences are mainly due to the political, economic, social, religious, and geographic differences between Egypt and Mesopotamia. These factors added to the overall mentality of the people. These mentalities affected the stability of each culture, whether for the better or worse. Geographic differences between these two countries were a major factor in determining stability. Mesopotamia rose out of a…show more content…
As a result of the flooding, the people of Egypt were always secure in the knowledge that they would have enough food and water. This added to the mental and economical solidity of the Egyptian people. The rivers of these countries contribute to the overall strength of these cultures, but the landforms surrounding each country determined the amount of protection each had to utilize. The region surrounding Mesopotamia lacked the natural boundaries that provided protection for the Egyptians. The people of Mesopotamia were continually being attacked by Barbarians and other enemies. Their trade routes, which were depended upon for survival, were constantly being raided. This pattern of abuse from outside forces continued to create a somber attitude in the Mesopotamians. Resources were being spent in the many continual wars waged against their enemies. Egypt was protected by the great deserts and the sea on either side. Egyptians did not continually have to fight off invaders. They were able to direct their energies to more enjoyable activities. Thus, the Egyptians had another reason to be satisfied with their way of life. This caused a sense of peace and contentment amongst the people. The overflow, flooding, or lack thereof of the rivers as well as weather differences contributed greatly to the economic stability of each country. As previously stated, Mesopotamians were farmers. The flooding of the Tigris and the
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