Egyptian Struggle The Symbiosis Relationship Between Egypt And The Nile

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Egyptian struggle The Symbiosis Relationship between Egypt and the Nile

When Egypt was first established as a civilization, the Egyptian people survived in the over flow swamp lands of the Nile River. After decades of educating themselves about the natural order of the lands, the Egyptian people devised a plan to drain the swamp lands in order to turn the lands into crop fields. What they did not know was that draining the land of its water would deprive future generations of a proper water source. This need for a steady water supply would drive the improve Egypt’s economy and in Egypt’s technological advancements. After flourishing for centuries, the Egyptian kingdom became a breeding ground for war. Egypt was under new rule and the need for a steady supply of uncontaminated water became more crucial. This need for water affected not only Egypt’s political system but Egypt’s legal system as well. For generations, the Ancient Egyptians had to haul small amounts of water for miles via buckets and small containers. Sometimes, Egyptians would have to make multiple trips to get a sufficient supply of water for that day. This was a major problem if people did not have a camel, ox or even children to help carry the water back home. People were making the choice to limit the amount of water they used on a daily basis, because the trip to fetch the water was treacherous. One could easily dehydrate on the trip to and from the river or they could get attacked by the many…

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