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Central Issue In the new world of making a name for yourself, one of the most important characteristics of human culture has begun to be lost. Love, relationships, marriage, etc. have all begun to be swallowed by the notion that in order to be successful in this world, your full attention, time, and money must be put into your career. Before the 20th century, life was simple and universal. Men “brought home the bacon” while women stayed at home washing dishes, cleaning the house, raising children, and cooking meals. Most married a stayed married. Divorce was highly frowned upon and therefore never happened.
However in the turn of the century, the age of technology and equal rights activists have brought a large change in the way
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Now the central problem for eHarmony has begun. eHarmony established itself as the leading matchmaking company but with competitors threatening to take market share, the company needed to find a way to preserve its reputation and remain the top matchmaking website for long term relationships.

Industry Environment
Beginning with Internal Rivalry, eHarmony faced a lot of competition within the industry. The most notable competition rested in pricing. There were hundreds of dating sites on the web pertaining to many different types of people. Some were broad and inviting for everyone, others specific to only a certain demographic whether it be race, religion, and/or even marital status. Along with these dating sites, were social networking sites but these proved to not generate much competition.
Some sites had membership fees while others were free. The free sites were generally not as well run and were not successful in creating long standing relationships. However the fact that they were free forced membership sites such as Match and eHarmony to bring down the price of their subscription fees.
With hundreds of matchmaking sites on the web, one would think that it would be an easy industry to enter. However, each year approximately 850 different sites attempted to join the industry and quickly failed

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