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Given the power of technology to bring people together from a business and social setting, building relationships are becoming a reality, especially when it initially brings people together in a virtual environment. As technology advances, so does the internet dating industry. Therefore, I would expect a strong rate of growth from the current financial position that eHarmony is in. The growth objective for eHarmony is to grow steadily to about 3% per year through the end of 2016. In fact, revenue has slowed from 70% in 2006 to suddenly only 10% by 2008. eHarmony is a privately held company, so unlike, which is publicly owned they do not have to release any public financial statements. However, it is estimated that eHarmony earned…show more content…
They are often looking for a quick fix for declining sales or loss of market share. The latest eHarmony campaign may have changed to meet sales expectations. The case mentions that the company had “left money on the table” in order to not diminish the integrity and quality of its brand as a long-term relationship finder. I found this rather interesting because of the many people that are out there that are hiding their identity to find a short term fling. This company set its sight on attracting people that are serious, and mature enough to look for and find a long term partner. Another consideration or objective to generate revenue is by developing its own internal advertising programs that will feature static advertisements within the website. These advertisements will be sold directly to advertisers rather than through a third party system. In the future, eHarmony can focus more energy on seeking opportunities to develop product affiliation and corporate sponsorship relationships which would further the Company’s visibility and revenue streams. Given the stigma that is surrounding the online dating service industry, eHarmony is going out of its way to legitimize the dating system and erase the negative stigma. I believe this is what has contributed to eHarmony’s growth. As more and more people, who are no longer in relationships, are looking for a companion and partner, their

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