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The EHBJ College is a large and complex organization that owns many official and informal communication methods. The following is the list of explanation on how to use those communication channels.
Workshop/Training Program: In order to solve the main contradiction about the misunderstanding from faculty members to the Dean Wilson, we will work with senior team members to launch a workshop - “ listen to Dean Wilson”. It will directly hold by Dean Wilson and will be total in three times in three months. Meanwhile, Dean Wilson will invite several outside community members to introduce the benefits on how to corporate into the real professional world. Therefore, this workshop acts on all the faculty members to “know” Dean Wilson’s Outreach Strategy.
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Also, the communication unit office will supervise and approve all posting information. In addition, students will frequently use those boards to release activity information. Moreover, there will be one fixed space for the department heads to deliver messages on the main board. The following three months will post the core value of Dean Wilson’s Outreach Strategy.
Newsletters: The EHBJ College’s newsletter system has two major purposes. One is used to publish the accomplishments of internal employees and students. Another is used as the digital bulletin boards to launch the main activities on campus. The content of the newsletters will be contributed by the senior team and our communication unit office controls the information publishing through email accounts or on the website.
Annual reports: The EHBJ College’s annual report publishes once a year. It is a great tool to demonstrate the development and achievements of our college to other colleges and outside community organizations. It will include the history of EHBJ College, major programs, and financial statements of past academic year. The department heads are in charge of the annual report and it will publish through the communication unit
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It is a good tool for faculty members to conduct information and deliver messages to all the students. It includes all the necessary catalogs, such as self-service, community, and career development. Right now, our college has more than 2000 active independent users. The senior team needs to work with the IT department to maintain or update the system.
Community involvement: By knowing the importance of cooperating with outside community, the communication unit office will support Dean Wilson to reach out all the 14 professional community organizations. We will launch several communication campaigns to help delegate the members of the four departments, such as reception dinners or reward ceremonies. Those activities act on all the faculty members to “feel” be involved in Dean Wilson’s Outreach Strategy, and then they will put their effort on increasing the reputation of the EHBJ College. It will contribute to building the brand image of this
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