Ehr's Will Benefit the Medical Field

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[pic] How EHR’s will Benefit The Medical Field [pic] Abstract EHR, known as electronic health record, refers to some systematic collection of an individual’s or a population’s electronic health information. The record is in a digital format which is theoretically sharable across various health care settings. Sometimes, this sharing can happen by way of network-connected, information systems or some other information networks. The electronic health record may include a wide range of data, like demographics, the patient’s medical history, their medication and allergies their immunization status, lab test results, vital signs, statistics like weight and age, and billing information. These systems are designed to…show more content…
Since the moment that technological advances changed data entry from the use of punch cards to keyboards, as well as data display from showing printed results to the use of video display terminals, innovative physicians around the country have continued seizing the opportunities to improve delivery of healthcare (Fridsma, 2009). Some well-known efforts made include: • The Lockheed Corporation, in 1971, created a system that eventually came to be known as Eclipsys for the El Camino Hospital, that featured computerized physician order entry and allowed multiple, simultaneous users. • In the early 70s, the University of Utah, Latter Day Saints Hospital, and 3M created the Health Evaluation system through a Logical Processing system. Though each of the designers of these systems had different ways of describing their motivations, their objective was to solve two problems: • Eliminating paper records logistical problems by making the clinical data immediately available to the authorized users regardless of where they are, eliminating undecipherable or unavailable. • Reducing clinical book keeping work required to manage the patients eliminating cases of misdiagnoses in the laboratories. The biggest challenge that presented itself to the design of EHR systems in the 90s was creating user heterogeneity with the advent of the personal computer. The differences in the nature of
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