Eifel Pride

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The mission of the 52d Fighter Wing Eifel Pride program is to instill pride through networking opportunities, base familiarization and beautification, and inprocessing assistance to Spangdahlem’s First Term Airmen. In addition, the airmen receive informal mentorship on their upcoming duties and are introduced to the unique mission set of Spangdahlem Air Base.
2.1. Upon graduating from the First Term Airmen Center (FTAC), airmen will transition to the Eifel Pride Program in the 52d Civil Engineer Squadron, building 120.

2.2 The non-commissioned officer in charge of the program will receive the inbound roster of all airmen from FTAC which contains contact information, and mandatory medical, dental, and Saber
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FTAC Airmen are assigned to the Eifel Pride program for two weeks upon graduation from FTAC. Supervisors are not authorized to pull airmen to accomplish other appointments until they report for duty after Eifel Pride is complete. All exemptions to policy must be coordinate and signed by the squadron first sergeant for consideration by the Eifel Pride program within 48 hours’ notice. See attachment 1

2.3 Airmen reporting to the Eifel Pride program will be required to maintain wet and cold weather gear, as appropriate. All other personal protective equipment will be provided by the program.

2.4. Eifel Pride Two Week Schedule

Week One
Monday Preventative Health Assessments. Airmen report to medical clinic (building 550) for appointments and return to Eifel Pride (building 120) upon completion.
Tuesday Dental Assessments. Airmen report to dental clinic (building 176) for appointments and return to Eifel Pride (building 120) upon completion.
Wednesday Safety Immersion. Airmen report to Wing Safety (building 217) for appointments and return to Eifel Pride (building 120) upon completion.
Thursday “Got Consent” Brief. Airman will report to FTAC (building 130) at 0845 in ABU’s for the morning brief.
Afternoon, court martial will be in (building 125) in full service dress.
Friday Informal mentorship and base
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