Eight Critical Thinking Guidelines Into My Posts

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In each module, I have tried to incorporate the eight critical thinking guidelines into my posts. In particular, I have tried to be willing to wonder about each topic, and I have always tried to ask relevant questions to keep the discussion going. I feel as though I was able to embody this guideline well in Module Five. My first instinct was to completely dismiss hypnotism and hypnotherapy, but I allowed myself to wonder about the possibility of both being real. In my research, I discovered that hypnotherapy was indeed a viable option for some disorders, which I would never have learned had I kept my mind closed. In my responses I definitely tried to keep the discussion going by asking questions that would allow the original poster to elaborate upon their opinions. Most of all, I attempted to ask questions that would allow for further discussion, not just a simple agreement or disagreement with my statements. Rather than taking my fellow students’ statements as fact, I wondered about the absolute truth of their statements. For example, Sara Walsh discussed the similarity of hypnosis and placebo, and in my response I wondered if “...the comparison between hypnotherapy and a placebo effect necessarily negate the effects of hypnotherapy?” In allowing myself to wonder about hypnotherapy, it opened my mind to a whole new set of questions and opinions, and I think this is vital in critical thinking. If I were to believe hypnotherapy were real, what would influence the
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