Eight-Hours Research Paper

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Eight-Hour Days Work Just Fine Some people think that an eight-hour shift at work is to much. Shorter shifts mean less money for everyone, it also means more problems. The working industry already has enough problems and the standard working time is not one of them. There is not a good explantion as to why we should even condsider making a work day standard into six-hours, its only a two-hour difference from the current standerd, it's not a big enough difference to try and make six-hours the new standard. Imagine everything you do in a normal day at your job, now imagine everything you do with two-hours less time to do all of your work. It would be rather difficult don't you think? Workers would have to work even harder to get the things that needs to be done completed. Many workers would feel more wore out than the usual, and would get paid less for doing everything they could do more efficently in eight-hour time frame.…show more content…
It won't be good for either one, if its the workers who pay for it they will end losing two hour wages each work day, that'd be nearly twenty-five percent of their pay. If it's the employer then they have to find money to hire even more people to fill in the missing gaps. Some people may say working six-hour shifts is better, simply because workers have more energy. But having an eight-hour shift isn't a big differnce and workers do get 10-20 minute breaks to recharge. Working an eight hour shift could be a little tiring but the money you make is much better than that of a six-hour shift. This is why we should keep the standard work day at eight
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