Eight Key Questions Essay

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The eight key questions handbook includes the eight key questions; Fairness, Outcomes, Responsibilities, Character, Liberty, Empathy, Authority and Rights. I believe that out of all of the eight key questions, that character is the most instructive in ethical decision making.

When making an ethical decision I believe that all of the eight key questions should play a role, but I tend to focus more on just character. When thinking about my character, I think about how my actions will reflect on the type of person I am and the type of person I hope to be. Character is the most important guide to ethical decision making, because without it I would never think about how my actions good or bad could change who I am. When placed in a difficult
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My parents always told me and my siblings to treat others the way you want to be treated, and always do the right responsible thing. As I grew older my character began to change when I became a high school student. I did not always follow the rules, and I started to become friends with a crowd that thought smoking and drugs were not illegal. My character began to change and at the time I was not thinking about how others would view me and how I viewed myself. Two years after starting college, I met a man who loved me, but not who I was pretending to be. He helped me see what I was doing to myself and helped me see that I was not myself. After months of thinking about what I wanted for my life I knew it did not involve smoking and taking the risk of being in trouble with the law. I wanted to finish college and earn a degree in animal science, I also wanted to marry a man I loved and create a family of my own one day. My character changed and has remained the same since then. I now think about my life, my boyfriend, my family, and my future goals when I am in a difficult situation. My character went from being a goody two-shoes, to a rule breaker, and now to a woman who thinks about her choices and how they can affect me, my character, and others in my life before choosing the wrong
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