Eight Men Out

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Throughout our country’s history there have been many examples of fraud and scandal. One of the most well-known scandals of our century is the 1919 Chicago White Sox Scandal. The movie “Eight Men Out” shows us what really happened throughout the 1919 baseball season with the Chicago White Sox. The Chicago White Sox were a Major League Baseball organization who was run by their penny-pinching owner, Charles Comiskey. He has been under -paying his players, despite the fact that they were the clear favorite to win the 1919 World Series. As a result, the players decide to come up with a plan to get back at their cheap owner. The Chicago White Sox of 1919 were a clear favorite to win the World Series. They had all of the odds on their…show more content…
If people do not cheat, it will put more of a stress on determination and hard work. A truly driven human being is hard to come by. Nothing is more satisfying than completing a well desired task the right and fair way. This is the message the movie is striving to convey. I completely agree with the message of the movie. I believe that there is nothing better then hard work and honesty. In this movie we see why it is not a good idea to cheat. The players from the 1919 Chicago White Sox ruined their lives because of a mistake they made while they were young baseball players. They had to change their lives because of their decisions. The players will never have the respect of fans ever again because of a dumb mistake. This can be the same in our lives. If we make a mistake or do something wrong that we shouldn 't have done, it can affect the rest of our lives. When making a potential bad decision, we must think about what will happen if it backfires. Obviously, the players did not put much thought into their decision before accepting the offer. In life, we must be prepared to pay the consequences for any bad decision that we make. “Eight Men Out” is a great movie that shows us what can happen if we make a bad decision. This movie will help people to think before they
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