Eight Signs Miracles Jesus Performed and His Deity

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EIGHT SIGNS MIRACLES JESUS PERFOMED AND HIS DEITY LIBERTY UNIVERSITY 201330 SUMMER 2013 BIBL 160 – D01 LUO WILLA AYCOCK JULY 29,2013 The first sign miracles Jesus performed were when he had gone to a wedding in Cana John 2:1-12). Jesus and his disciples (6 of them) had arrived at the wedding, which was already in progress. This miracle symbolizes the Church’s (the bride’s) relationship to Christ (The bridegroom). Mary, Jesus mother was at the wedding as well. She went to Jesus and told him that they had run out of wine. Mary probable was related to the bride because a wedding in Galilee was a family affair, and female’s relatives of the bride were in charge of the kitchens. Mary and Jesus were related to the bride because…show more content…
After what the people had seen Jesus do they said that truly this is the prophet the one prophesied by Moses (Deut. 18:15), to come into the world. There is a lesson in the Leftover. God gives in abundance. The fifth miracle performed by Jesus: Jesus walking on the water. Later that evening the disciples got into a boat and sailed on the Sea of Galilee toward Capernaum. The wind was blowing and the water became rough. They had rowed three or three and a half mile out into the sea, they saw Jesus approaching the boat walking on the water. The Disciple were frightened, but Jesus said, “It is I; do not be afraid.” Jesus shows his deity in this statement because He used the Jewish designation of Yahweh, “I AM” and his power over natural laws. Healing of a blind man sixth miracle performed by Jesus. When a person is saved, he/she gains a new ability to see and understand the things of God (1Corinthians 2:14-15). The Disciple asks Jesus who sinned this man or his parents. Jesus replied neither the man nor his parents he was born blind. This happened so the work God can do a miracle in his life. Jesus healed the man in an unusual way. Jesus spit on the ground and made mud to repair the man eyes, Jesus was working with original materials. Jesus put the mud on the man eyes and told him to go wash in the Pool of Siloam. When the man washed in the Pool of Siloam the man was healed. Jesus demonstrates his power over physical laws.

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