Eight Signs of Jesus

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY The Eight Signs and Miracles in Gospel of John ON-LINE LEARNING CAMPUS Rick Buck Submitted by Karen Teresa Galbreath February 8, 2012 Table of Contents Chapter 1 Introduction 3 Chapter 2 The First Sign Miracle: Turning Water to Wine 4 Chapter 3 The Second Sign Miracle: Healing the Nobleman’s Son 6 Chapter 4 The Third Sign Miracle: Healing of the Lame man 8 Chapter 5 The Fourth Sign Miracle: Feeding the 5,000 with Bread and Fish 10 Chapter 6 The Fifth Sign Miracle: Jesus Walking on Water 12 Chapter 7 The Sixth Sign Miracle: Healing of a Blind Man 14 Chapter 8 The Seventh Sign Miracle: Resurrection of Lazarus from death to life 16 Chapter 9 The Eighth Sign Miracle: Miraculous Catch…show more content…
TH. D., D. Min., Woodrow, Michael Kroll, Th. D., The KJV Parallel Bible Commentary P. 2080 [4] McGee, Vernon J., The Gospels of John Chapters 1-10 P. 43 Chapter 3 The Second Sign Miracle: Healing the Nobleman’s Son The second miracle involved a nobleman’s son. The nobleman’s son was very sick and lived in Capernaum. The nobleman heard that Jesus was coming into Galilee, and approaches Him and ask if He would heal his dying son. Jesus replies, “that unless ye see signs and wonders ye will not believe.” John 4:48 According to Dr. Towns, this miracle showed power over space. Jesus did not travel to the man’s son to perform the act, but performed the miracle from a distance. Twice John mentions the faith of the nobleman. First, he “believed the word that Jesus spoke to him” (John 4:50) Later, when that word was confirmed, “he himself believed” (John 4:53). The first expression of faith was faith in the spoken word of God, and the second expression of faith was in the incarnate Word of God. This sign was significant in that not only the father believed but also his whole household, which would include not only his family but also his servants. This is the first example of salvation to all that believe.”[5] The nobleman comes to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and he brings his whole family with him. For it says in verse 53, “And himself believed and his whole house.” This just goes to show that the even most powerful people in this world, when

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