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Eight Skills of the effective legal EIGHT Skills of the effective legal studies student | Interview Final Project | Final Interview and Reflection | | Ashley Walters | 4/1/2011 | Pages 1 and 2 are the original Interview questions submitted. Pages 3, 4, and 5 are the summary of my interview, and my reflection on this career choice. Page 6 is the notes that were taken during the interview process. There is no cited work because I used no outside sources. | Ashley Walters Professor Marie Abdel-Malek LS100-11: Eight Skills of the Effective Legal Studies Student Interview Project Proposal Legal Professional Interviewee Who: William D. Young IV, Attorney at Law. Mr. Young is a Criminal Defense Attorney practicing in…show more content…
He says that with all the lay offs and cut backs, business has skyrocketed. He informed me that in one months’ time, on any given day, there are at least a hundred open cases in his office. This is a high amount because he is the only attorney in his office. Mr. Young informed me that he has been a criminal defense attorney for twenty nine years. He said that the licenses’ and certification I need to work in the same manner he is, is to pass the bar, and get a certificate from the Internal Revenue Service for tax reasons. I have a personal interest in the career of Mr. Young. I already knew that Criminal Law was going to be the type of law that I wanted to practice, but I did not know that is was going to be as interesting as it was. I always thought that lawyers had no sense of humor, and were completely by the book. After our interview, I was more confident that I wanted to be a criminal law attorney than before the interview started. My interest has definitely changed since my interview. Before the interview, there were two types of law that I was interested in, criminal law and divorce law. After this interview, I know that I definitely want to be a criminal lawyer. During the interview, he informed me of things that were not in my interview questions. He informed me how to get “brownie points” from the judge by preparing the information that he would need before court
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