Eileen Fisher Essay

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Initially, I did not think Eileen Fisher Inc.'s (EFI) CSR work was being efficaciously translated into brand equity. While I still believe more can be done, I realize Ms. Hall and her cohorts are effectively engaging in a plethora of activities that bolster the value of the EFI brand, a feat they manage to accomplish in a fashion true to the structural design that has been imperative to the brand’s success to date. EF's architectural blueprint has been rendered in a manner consistent with the elegant and subtle execution associated with Eileen Fisher's designs, skillfully extending these sensibilities to include the process by which they leverage their efforts into brand equity.
By revisiting Ms. Hall’s presentation, and the EF website, I came to see how far along they are, in the process of erecting a systems thinking approach. This comprehensive framework encompasses many activities, including mapping their global supply chain, measuring worker happiness, and committing to multiple philanthropic ventures. As mentioned above, EF is engaging in systematic organizational design in a manner comparable to their fashion aesthetics and approach to design. Some of the core ethoses associated with EF design values include Timelessness,
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The money spent on research, grants, sustainability efforts, supply chain mapping, and marketing are not cost, but capital expenditures. Each year the money put into these areas, are long-term investments, which in the case of Eileen Fisher, yields the immense valuable, authenticity. Eileen Fisher has managed to come a long way from where they started. Ms. Fisher has spearheaded an era growth wherein her firm has made large strides over a many decades, without degrading to long-term value of their efforts by way of credit claiming that runs the risk of diminishing the perceived authenticity of their CSR
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