Eileen Wuornos

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To say that Aileen’s start in life was a poor one, is a great understatement. It was a horrible life right from the start. One of the only good things about her life was that she never got to know her father, a psychopathic child molester, serving a life sentence in a Kansas prison for raping a 7 year old girl, who hanged himself in prison in 1969. (Arrigo & Griffin (2004). Aileen Wuornos was born Aileen Carol Pittman, on February 29, 1956 in Rochester, Michigan. At the time of her birth, her mother, Diane Wuornos was 17 years old. Her mother married, Leo Dale Pittman, when she was 15 years old, on June 4, 1954. Aileen’s older brother Keith was born in February of 1955. When Aileen was less than 2 years old her mother, Diane, divorced…show more content…
They did not arrest her on murder charges at that time because they had no murder weapon nor did they have Tyria Moore in custody. On January 10 Tyria was found living with her sister in Pennsylvania. She was interviewed and returned to Florida with the authorities the next day to assist in the investigation. Authorities wanted Tyria to illicit a confession from Aileen for the murders to make their case airtight. On the morning of January 16 authorities had their confession. (Chesler (1993.) Aileen’s attorneys managed to obtain a plea agreement for her, where she would plead guilty to six charges of murder and receive six life sentences to be served consecutively. One states attorney held out stating that Aileen should receive the death penalty, and on January 14, 1992, Aileen’s trial began for the murder of her first victim, Richard Mallory. On January 27, after only two hours of deliberation, the jury returned a unanimous verdict of guilty of first degree murder. The judge sentenced Aileen to death on January 31, 1992. She did not stand trial again, instead pleading no contest to the rest of the murder charges and was sentenced to death on each one. The seventh victim was never found. (Hamilton (1993). Aileen died by lethal injection on October 9, 2002. She was 46 years old. Aileen falls under the social control theory. She was abandoned, neglected, and abused as a child. Her behavior arose out of a

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