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NCFE Level 2 Award in Reflective Practice (600/4643/0) |

Learner’s Evidence Tracking Log (LETL)

------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Candidate name: Louise Erica Pierce
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What were the main barriers? If you had to try this again what would you do differently?

If no – what stopped you from achieving this? (E.g. lack of revision, poor time management, outside jobs, failure to seek help from tutors)
My main down fall was my attendance as I was not present for all training classes due to poor health and so I lacked in the confidence and skill to get a merit in my test. I also had an insufficient time plan for my work so I became lost and confused easily.

Learning outcome 1.3 Identify a current or future goal for yourself.
What is your new goal? What do you hope to achieve? Set yourself targets that will improve your performance in the future.
My goal is now to be accepted into my next year at level three and continue learning

Who might help you with this?
My tutors will aid me by giving me the knowledge and helping to me to perfect my skills and also my peers will help me better assess my strengths and weaknesses and evaluate my performance.

Identify at least 3 key steps you need to take next?
To achieve my goal I will need to do the following: 1. Attend every class (training, theory and assignments) 2. Complete all A&B test to at least a pass 3. Improve myself by listening to feedback and taking it on board.


Learning outcome 1.2 Identify your own transferable skills.
Learning outcome 1.4

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