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Psychological Development of Albert Einstein Erica Hopkins PSY 300 Psychological Development of Albert Einstein Albert Einstein was one of the most intelligent, driven and moral minds of the 20th century. His early preparation in education and wonder greatly contributed to his eventual success and scientific advancements for the world. Einstein had a great support system around him at all times it seems. He was born on March 14, 1879 as the first child to Hermann and Pauline Einstein in Ulm Germany. (Krakow, 2004). His father was a business owner and gave Einstein a head start in mechanics and technology. (Krakow, 2004). Einstein had a younger sister born 2 years after him which contributed to his family support system. (Krakow,…show more content…
When he was 12 years old studied with a Rabbi in order to prepare for his Bar-Mizwa yet did not attend his own celebration as he felt that he was more of an independent thinker at that point. Einstein had a few moral flaws. He had a few affairs, his marriage ended in divorce and he ended up marrying his cousin (Isaacson, 2007). After the birth of his grandchild, he developed more of a pacifist agenda. Possibly related to some environmental need to create a safe world for his offspring. His fun and peaceful personality was shaped by his social support system, moral upbringing and cognitive abilities. Einstein was a unique personality for sure. I applied the five-factor model to examine his personality traits. It seems as though Einstein was high on the openness traits as he seemed like an intellectual who took action in his life. He was able to think of ideas that were completely new to society. He was a violinist from the age of five when his mother began his violin lessons (Isaacson, 2007). The violin is an artistic interest. Albert Einstein’s ability to overcome numerous let downs with his education and career showed great flexibility and his peaceful influence on the world in the form of peace activism showed values and emotional openness. All these factors contribute to the openness factor. I can see numerous other traits that could also apply to Einstein. But only within that category do I see all the factors applying
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