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Albert Einstein is possibly considered to be the greatest scientist of all time. He is well known for coming up with the theory of relativity described by the formula e=mc2, where energy is equal to mass times the speed of light squared. His accomplishments in physics helped start the nuclear age with nuclear weapons and power. Like most famous people he changed the world in a variety of ways. The most significant ways Einstein made the world a better place were his achievements in science, pacifism, and philosophical writings. Einstein’s early years were not promising for him. When he was born on March 15th, 1879, his mother claimed his head was too big; his grandmother claimed that he was too fat, and his father stated he was mildly …show more content…
Later she wrote a biographical sketch on Einstein. In 1889 after his three years in elementary school he went to the Luitpold Gymnasium and which he absolutely disliked for the next six years. Even though it was more military style establishment, it required students to study their family’s religion. Thus at age 12 Einstein started to become religious. Fascinated by The Old Testament, he wrote his own songs about God and even encouraged his parents to become practicing Jews. At the same time his Uncle Jakob, an electrical engineer, showed him Algebra. It inspired Albert's interest in math. Being a custom in Jewish families to have someone come to their and provide them with food in order to help them financially; Einstein's case was medical student who he made friends with and the medical student gave him books on science to him (Severance 25). Later in 1894 when his father’s business went bankrupt, the Einstein’s moved to Italy, Einstein was left in a boarding school and dropped out of it. (Severance 26). Later in 1895 he moved to Aarau, Switzerland and finished high school there (Bernstein 25). Summed up Einstein’s family has played a big role in his development and education especially during his childhood and early teen years. When Einstein completed high school he did not just enter the work world like most people. After Einstein completed high school in Aarau, Switzerland he entered the Swiss Federal

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